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Red Cross and DSV supported families after Malawi flooding 03 July 2020

Quick to provide emergency relief and support affected families

When hurricane Idai ripped through Malawi last year causing floods, the Red Cross | Red Crescent and DSV were quick to provide emergency relief and support affected families. The rain was so heavy that the bricks holding up Esnad Kenes’ house began to dissolve during the night. Though Esnad and Malawi are used to heavy rain and floods, hurricane Idai’s devastations were on a terrible new scale.

With support from DSV, the Red Cross gave emergency relief to thousands of families in Malawi who lost everything in the floods and were forced into temporary housing in schools or tents.

The relief that DSV helped transport consisted of food, blankets, kitchen utensils, buckets, mosquito nets, tarp, mattresses and hygiene packets including chlorine tablets, just to name a few.

DSV supported the Red Cross’ relief work in Malawi in the months following the devastations of hurricane Idai which made many thousands of people homeless. DSV supported with:

> Storage space and guards at the warehouse in Limbe, Malawi
> 26 trucks full of emergency relief from Kenya and Uganda
> Securing customs clearance through a partner along the borders
> Emergency relief weighing a total of 471,223 kg and spanning 1620 m3 provided necessities for 15,397 families (as at 01 December 2019)