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Renault launches recruitment drive at logistics sites in France 24 February 2016

Permanent positions include all occupational categories

Renault has launched the recruitment of 399 permanent employees at seven manufacturing and logistics sites in France, including sites at Batilly, Cléon, Douai, Flins, Grand-Couronne, Le Mans and Maubeuge.

The permanent positions offered across these manufacturing and logistics sites include all occupational categories (production workers, technicians, engineers and managers) and will target young graduates and experienced candidates alike, having qualifications ranging from vocational certificates to two-year vocational diplomas and university degrees.

Groupe Renault is also pursuing its commitment to promote diversity by setting the goal to hire women into 30.0% of factory jobs.

This hiring campaign will involve line operators, plant operators, paint repairers, electrical mechanics, maintenance, production management and supplier quality technicians, manufacturing managers with experience and young engineers.

Following the first wave, other sites will continue the campaign in the upcoming weeks.