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Rhenus Sports Tech manages distribution and installation operations for eGym in Europe 16 January 2020

Streamlining internal logistics structures and increasing flexibility

Rhenus Sports Tech, which is part of the Rhenus Group, further enhanced its cooperation with eGym at the beginning of January. The technical value added logistics specialist has been responsible for distributing and installing digital fitness devices at eGym’s final customers at sites in Europe since this time. The goal is to provide long-term logistical support for the expansion plans of the leading provider of digitally networked training solutions in Europe.

Rhenus Sports Tech has already been working for eGym since 2019. The services provided by the value-added logistics specialist have now been enhanced even further. As a result, eGym can streamline its internal logistics structures and increase its flexibility for its customers in the fields of delivery and installation at the same time.

For eGym, the implementation phase during last year provided positive evidence of the services that Rhenus Sports Tech provides. It’s proved that it can cater for customers’ local requirements more quickly and flexibly. Rhenus Sports Tech offers precisely the right mix between a specialist service provider and opportunities across Europe because it’s part of the Rhenus Group

Thanks to Rhenus Sports Tech’s extensive network, the company is able to supply customers promptly. As the technical value-added logistics specialist, RhenusSports Tech handles both the positioning and installation of fitness devices at their final place of use and the initial and final transport and logistical tasks. The specialist also offers rollout solutions tailored to customers’ needs for the premium segment and they even include the pre-installation of the devices in customers’ logistics and technology terminals.