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ROAR Logistics joins Cooperative Logistics Network 28 January 2015

Select group of freight forwarders in each region around the world

ROAR Logistics has joined The Cooperative Logistics Network (The CoOp). The CoOp is an alliance of select freight forwarders in each region around the world who cooperate in a financially secure environment to reduce costs and risks, develop business and compete in a market with large multinational organisations.

Companies selected for membership in The CoOp go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they meet the standards for service, financial viability and ethics.

Joining The CoOp will allow ROAR to further augment their international forwarding services to include inbound freight services into the US, as well as the ability to move freight globally through a network of CoOp partners.

The CoOp membership gives ROAR opportunities to expand capacities as a full-service global transportation services provider. It represents a major commitment to pursuing greater global growth, which has always been an important component in the Company’s long-term strategy and vision at ROAR.

Joining The CoOp is the latest of several strategic business developments for ROAR, including the acquisition of Legend Transportation in Phoenix, Arizona and the opening of their Tampa, Florida operations centre in 2014. With six offices nationwide, ROAR's annual revenues exceeded US$68.0 million in 2014.