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Ryder expands eCommerce fulfilment network 20 May 2020

Invests in food-grade capabilities and additional locations as consumer trends evolve

Ryder System, Inc. has added food-grade capabilities to its eCommerce fulfilment network, including a new facility near Philadelphia, as well as added food grade capabilities to two additional facilities within the network to meet evolving consumer buying trends.

Now more than ever, people have become even more comfortable with ordering just about everything online. With that trend expected to continue, Ryder’s customers recognise the need to diversify their supply chains and the channels they use to take their products to market. They also want the flexibility to respond to surges in demand due to unexpected events or planned seasonality.

Ryder’s new eCommerce fulfilment centre near Philadelphia is a 31,560 m2 food-grade facility, and it is scheduled to begin the integration of automation technology this summer. The automation will allow Ryder to scale the operation to fulfil more than 70,000 packages a day with future expansion of more than 136,000 packages in a three-shift operation. Ryder has also obtained FDA-certification for two other food-grade eCommerce fulfilment facilities near Los Angeles and Dallas, both of which originally opened in early 2019. The additions of these certifications within the network have benefited customers like Rise Gardens and Crew Bottle.

In addition, utilising existing locations within the well-established Ryder Last Mile network, which had been reserved for big-and-bulky items, Ryder has been able to expand its eCommerce fulfilment network for parcels by 167.0%. The facilities are located in the Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City, Mo., and Tampa, Fla. areas. Ryder eCommerce customers also have the added benefit of utilising the nearly 100 locations within the Ryder Last Mile network for cost-effective front-door delivery of parcels that package delivery companies now consider too large and, therefore, apply hefty surcharges.

With Ryder eCommerce fulfilment and last-mile facilities strategically located throughout the US, Ryder customers can reach up to 99.0% of the population in two days or less.