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Schenker launches new generation of logistics technology 27 January 2015

Sophisticated yet simplified approach to logistics management

Built around a powerful architecture of features, the new eSchenker portal helps customers at every step of the logistical process with simple, seamless and often automated functionalities. The world is one the move like never before. The global flow of goods is increasingly complex. Thus the combination of traditional products and modern information as well as communication technologies is becoming increasingly important. Companies will have to embrace integrated, collaborative and optimized logistics processes and technologies to stay competitive.

Consequently, DB Schenker Logistics must increasingly transform into a digital-oriented company. The new Schenker web portal is the most advanced logistics solution it has ever made. It combines enhanced existing eSchenker features with powerful new eServices. They provide everything customers need to manage logistics processes efficiently, quickly and conveniently in one place.

The new eSchenker web portal delivers even more powerful technologies designed to streamline workflows. It’s the new sophisticated yet simplified approach to logistics management to save customers both time and money.

eSchenker incorporates all transport modes in one eBusiness portal from land transport to global air and ocean freight, to contract logistics. It also manages all stages of the shipment process, from scheduling and pricing through to booking, tracking, invoicing, reporting, and more. It’s web-based too so it is accessible on all devices with instantaneous real-time information whenever needed.

The eSchenker web portal can be adapted into the perfect size to suit. Features can be customised on a modular basis to fit in with existing structures and personalised settings to suit requirements no matter how big the shipment volumes and how complex the workflows.

The new eSchenker portal is designed with an innovative dashboard layout with drag and drop functionality that is absolutely intuitive to use and customise to needs. When it comes to repetitive day-to-day tasks, automated templates incorporate address books and archives.