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SDV Korea extends logistics operations for leading electrical supplier 30 June 2015

Opening a fully bonded warehouse located at Busan New Port

In March 2015, SDV Korea was awarded a two-year contract by a global leader in energy management in South Korea for its logistics operations in Busan, as it opened its third logistics centre located in Busan New Port (Free Trade Zone).

SDV Korea was able to offer a logistics solution with 30.0% less space and increase capacity by 60.0% more than the customer’s previous service provider.
Additionally, SDV’s solution offered the best Warehouse Management System (WMS - MIDAS) capability among participants in the tender, providing stock visibility, strict First-In First-Out (FIFO), end-to-end traceability, serial number (s/n) tracking, ageing reports, etc.

Regarding the design, implementation, migration, go-live and stabilisation phases, SDV was able to manage and maintain high levels of satisfaction from its customer across productivity, quality of operations, reporting, backup plans and QHSE levels.