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ShipHero acquires Cargo Cove Fulfillment 22 October 2021

Highlighting the Company's commitment to fast, strategic growth

ShipHero, a logistics platform for over 5,000 eCommerce brands and 3PLs, has acquired Cargo Cove Fulfillment, a full service logistics company based in Jacksonville, Florida, US. This acquisition connects ShipHero to the retail supply chain in Florida, highlighting strategic growth for the Company.

One of the few full-service logistics providers in Florida, Cargo Cove Fulfillment offers fulfilment and shipping services to over 50 partnering eCommerce brands, which will now be fully integrated into ShipHero's fulfilment offering. Cargo Cove's philosophy of making shipping and logistics easy and affordable mirrors ShipHero's customer-centric mission, making it a seamless partnership for both parties.

Cargo Cove Fulfillment was established in 2017 to solve the problem of outsourced shipping in the eCommerce industry and has shipped over one million orders to date. Cargo Cove Fulfillment offers a range of services in picking and packing, order fulfilment, inventory management, product sourcing, prep assembly, and returns management.

Cargo Cove Fulfillment customers will be fully integrated into ShipHero's fulfillment company.

This business acquisition is crucial to building ShipHero's fulfilment brand. The acquisition means ShipHero is now connected to the retail supply chain in Jacksonville, the most populous city in Florida. Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, ShipHero's new location is a strategic one echoing its commitment to growth as a result of its recent US$50.0 million round led by Riverwood Capital. ShipHero will continue to offer its dedicated customers more warehouse options across the US and first-class technology solutions as the business continues to scale.