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Siemens asks DSV to move a huge generator component 24 May 2019

Within a very narrow time frame, air charter was the only viable solution

Siemens needed DSV to move a huge component for a generator. It weighed nearly 40 tonnes and was six metres long with a diameter of three metres. The component had to be moved halfway around the globe from Germany to Australia, and the transport had to take place within a narrow time frame, which realistically left only one transport option, air charter.

DSV received the first inquiry concerning this project in the middle of 2018, received the order in Q1, 2019 and completed the transport in April.

The entire process lasted nine months. Following negotiations of the contract, DSV had to deal with the many operational queries and finally, it was ready for the actual transport.

For this specific job, DSV chose to charter an Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft from Volga Dnepr Airlines, which can load up to 50 tonnes.

The cargo was loaded on-board the chartered aircraft at Leipzig Airport (Germany) and arrived safely in Townsville (Australia), where it was unloaded from the aircraft and delivered to its final destination on the same day with no issues or delays.