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Sifcon awards logistics contract to PD Portcentric Logistics 16 March 2016

Managing handling, storage, picking and distribution

PD Portcentric Logistics, part of the PD Ports Group has signed a four year deal with Sifcon International plc (SIL) at Felixstowe. SIL is a leading supplier of gifts and interior accessories to retailers of all sizes across the UK and Europe.

The contract will see PD Portcentric Logistics manage all handling, storage and picking as well as distribution for SIL’s UK mainland supply chain.

Sifcon International feel that this move, together with the investment that PD Portcentric Logistics has made in equipment and systems, will enable it to continue the fantastic growth that it has achieved in recent years.

The operation will occupy 14,960 m2 of PD Portcentric Logistics’ warehousing facilities and will include a comprehensive pick and pack service to cater for bespoke orders prior to onward distribution to UK retailers.