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Syngenta selects Damco as its global 4PL Partner 08 March 2016

Developing a more flexible and scalable logistics operating model

Syngenta, the world’s largest agricultural chemical company, has signed a contract with Damco as the lead logistics partner (4PL) for its global sea and airfreight shipments. The agreement builds on Damco’s longstanding relationship with Syngenta, a key customer for many years, and is based on four pillars covering the sourcing, execution, monitoring and analysing of logistics services while providing end-to-end visibility.

To support its growth targets, Syngenta is developing a more flexible and scalable logistics operating model where Damco’s expertise will play a critical role. In 2015, Syngenta issued a tender for a 4PL solution that was won by Damco. One of the key objectives is to harmonise the existing landscape of differing local and regional solutions into one common platform that provides total visibility and facilitates further supply chain optimisation.