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time:matters launches operations in the US 09 July 2020

Continuing to systematically pursue its internationalisation strategy

time:matters is continuing to systematically pursue its internationalisation strategy. In addition to its subsidiaries in China, the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, the Company now also has a local presence in the US. time:matters Americas, Inc., the Miami-based group company founded specifically for this, will cater to both national and international customers.

With its comprehensive range of services, time:matters Americas, Inc. will be in a position to offer transport solutions for time-critical and sensitive shipments that are perfectly tailored to each customer's specific needs. It will provide advice and make bookings, including issuing air waybills, and handle everything through to local invoicing. The Customer Service team, made up of English, German and Spanish speakers, will look after all steps along the transport chain. These may also include shipment pick-up, delivery and customs clearance at the customer's request. The team will therefore be able to exercise maximum control over the entire transport process. Another important activity in addition to network planning will be the selection and support of local network partners which is closely linked to the respective customer requirements. A local presence is therefore fundamental to ensuring highly efficient and high-performance logistics processes.

Customers of time:matters Americas, Inc. will include companies based in the US as well as international and global players from the automotive, aviation and aerospace, high-tech and semicon, life and health, medtech, machinery and component, and logistics sectors. Their representatives in the US and other countries on the continent will have access to an experienced team of logistics experts, who will use individually developed special speed transport solutions to optimise delivery and thereby help to avoid expensive disruptions to customer supply chains.

time:matters already connects today a total of 16 key marketplaces in the US and Mexico to major business centres in Europe, Israel and Asia through its existing Sameday Air network, with more than 130 stations worldwide and over 20 airline partners. It will shortly be connecting further American stations to its Sameday Air network

time:matters Americas will also offer Global Express Air Freight solutions that will enable customers to access any airline's capacity. And last, but not least, the team will be available for queries and bookings relating to time:matters airmates – the personally accompanied transport of shiments by on board couriers – and everything through to charter solutions.