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TNT awarded logistics contract with Harding Safety 29 September 2015

Centralising smaller DCs to seven central warehouse locations globally

TNT has been awarded a five-year contract with the world's leading supplier of lifesaving equipment, Harding Safety. Under the agreement, TNT becomes the exclusive carrier for all spares shipments for Harding Safety at global level. TNT will provide a full range of express delivery services, such as its Express, Economy, Palletised Freight and Special Services, using its integrated road and air network.

Harding Safety has redesigned its supply chain by centralising smaller warehouse locations to seven central warehouse locations globally. These warehouses are located in Seimsfoss (Norway), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (China), Singapore, New Iberia (US) and Macaé (Brazil). TNT will execute Harding Safety’s worldwide inbound and outbound transport of spares for lifesaving equipment to merchant-, cruise-, offshore and Navy customers.

TNT’s worldwide network and expertise are the main reasons that it won the contract. The selection of one carrier increases the control and visibility and further enhances cost efficiency. In TNT, Harding sees a professional and ambitious partner to facilitate its growth and support it in offering the best services to customers.