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Toll adds Bass Strait capacity to meet future growth 08 February 2019

Capacity constraints removed with two new 700 TEU ships

During peak time sailing across the Bass Strait, Toll's 500 TEU ships are full, leaving no room for customers to grow. This year, with the Company’s two brand new 700 TEU ships operating, that constraint is removed.

Toll has worked through a significant programme to prepare wharf infrastructure for the arrival of Tasmanian Achiever II and Victorian Reliance II, meanwhile, keeping its service going.

With reduced capacity, the Company operated around construction zones, berthing at alternative locations and sailing during the day to keep cargo moving in the Bass Strait.

The alternative berth period was finished ahead of plan and it is now back to full capacity until the new ships arrive and enter service in the first week of March 2019, providing a significant increase in capacity and reliability in the Bass Strait trade.