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UPS Healthcare opens end-of-runway, reusable cold chain packaging centre 16 November 2021

Part of aggressive strategy to expand global footprint

UPS Healthcare has announced a new set of facilities and continued round of global expansion designed to bring unprecedented capabilities to global healthcare logistics customers. One of the newest cold chain and packaging centres opens in Louisville, Kentucky, US, located on the UPS Healthcare campus near the Worldport global air hub. Combined with ongoing expansion throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, UPS Healthcare continues to build the world’s most sophisticated healthcare logistics capabilities.

The new Louisville facility joins existing cold chain facilities around the world, and is part of an ongoing, aggressive strategy by UPS Healthcare to expand its global footprint. The expansions bring increased flexibility and efficiency to customers, as well as unmatched cold chain capabilities.

UPS’s success with COVID-19 vaccine delivery is creating long-term value in the future delivery of new drugs, especially biologics. The Company’s temperature-controlled facilities are designed to handle biologically derived drugs, such as vaccines, at any temperature. Cold chain trends show 48.0% expected growth between 2018 and 2024 for medicines that require at least 2 to 8 degrees Celsius storage and shipping.

The overall market for cold chain services (packaging, transportation, and data services) is expected to significantly accelerate over the next three years, growing up to 24.0% by 2024, after posting a 10.0% increase from 2019 to 2020. Against this backdrop, UPS Healthcare’s Cold Chain expertise is critical for the delivery of future medicines supporting the growing needs of customers around the world.

The newest facility, named the ‘Cold Chain Packaging Centre of Excellence,’ is the Company’s first US-based logistics facility to offer reusable cold chain packaging options for customers, utilising the entire life cycle of temperature-controlled packages and contributing to a circular economy. The reusable packaging cuts down on single-use waste, creating more sustainable options and driving significant cost savings for customers.

UPS Healthcare now operates 125 GDP/GMP facilities in 34 countries around the world.