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UPS opens logistics centre for Pratt & Whitney 17 June 2015

Northeast logistics centre to usher in global logistics transformation

The opening of the Northeast Logistics Centre (NELC) in Londonderry, New Hampshire, US marks a new chapter for material flow and introduces a significant process change in how logistics is managed at Pratt & Whitney.

Pratt & Whitney last year announced the expansion of its third-party logistics relationship with UPS, with UPS committing to opening the 55,740 m2 NELC to serve as a distribution hub for Pratt & Whitney.

The new facility will process Pratt & Whitney's production and development hardware for distribution to Pratt & Whitney manufacturing sites and engine centres around the world.

Over the next several months, material will transition from Pratt & Whitney facilities to the NELC and company suppliers will begin shipping directly to the new facility, with full operation expected by autumn 2015.

The aerospace industry is very important to UPS. It collaborates with aerospace companies of all sizes and offers specialised services that provide them with competitive advantages, allowing customers to do what they do best. Whilst UPS provides top-quality supply chain and logistics services, customers can focus on manufacturing.