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UTi pilots quality process optimisation in China 29 September 2015

Improving performance and increasing client satisfaction

UTi Worldwide Inc has launched an internal process optimisation effort in China that is expected to accelerate and amplify recent improvements in UTi's freight forwarding operations. The pilot effort aims to drive higher levels of efficiency, quality and client service in ways that can be applied across the Company globally.

To spearhead the effort, UTi has established the Greater China Operation Excellence Team, which has begun streamlining freight forwarding processes in four areas; (1) business performance support (branch and regional scorecard measurement, sales scorecard and incentive review, projects and initiatives, and marketing and communication); (2) internal operation process and performance (standard operation process control and deployment, operation process optimisation, and client implementation); (3) finance operation support and performance (policy and procedure deployment, data issue resolution, cash management and revenue improvement, month-end routine support, and projects and initiatives); and (4) operation alignment and deployment (1VIEW system enhancements and training, data integrity, and alignment with global projects and initiatives).

The Greater China Operation Excellence Team will be led by Helen Yi, Global Director, Shared Services, and supported by Justin Fan, General Manager; Judy Li, Manager; Bernice Li, Manager; Niels Yin, Manager; and N. Swaminathan, Area Operations Support.