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‎WFS to expand cargo operations in Spain 07 October 2021

Rental amount illustrates the market demand for available land‎

Aena has allocated an area of land to WFS, under a 30-year lease, for the construction of a warehouse in the cargo terminal of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. Plot I.3, is located specifically in Rampa 7, in the Polígono de Rejas of the Air Cargo Centre and has a total area of 12,279 m‎2‎, of which a maximum of 7,980 m2 can be built.‎

‎The tender was tendered in two lots and WFS submitted a joint bid covering both lots.‎ In both cases, it is a space intended for the activity of handling and / or autohandling of non-ramp goods, storage, transport and distribution of goods and air cargo.‎

‎The income offered by WFS for the total area of the two lots is €2,040,000 per year. This rent offered by WFS represents an increase of 360.0% over the tender amount, which shows the interest aroused in the market for the use of this plot. ‎