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Wickes awards kitchen and bathroom home delivery contract to Wincanton 16 January 2020

Developing solutions that maintain commitment to exceptional customer service

Wincanton has won a contract with home improvement retailer Wickes, to carry out home delivery for its Showroom kitchen and bathroom products across the South West of England, Midlands and part of Wales.

Wincanton will implement its own model of home deliveries, proven to provide a high standard of efficiency and customer service. Items will be loaded onto ‘final delivery vehicles’ in Northampton, which will then be moved to three parking locations operated by Wincanton where drivers will be swapped. This model ensures a fresh driver completes the rest of the delivery, allowing for a more flexible and effective service to customers’ homes.

At the heart of the deal is the desire from both sides to collaborate on developing solutions that maintains Wickes’ commitment to exceptional customer service.

Wickes work with Wincanton across a number of contracts and this extension into Kitchens and Bathrooms solidifies the partnership to achieve continued success in customer fulfilment.