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Youredi supports On Time Express in cross-border commerce 16 June 2015

Clear and efficient information is vital to serve customers effectively

Youredi has started cooperation with On Time Express Limited in data technology and integration domain. Data integration is an increasingly important element to the physical logistics flows in cross-border logistics provided by On Time Express Limited.

Whilst On Time will continue to invest in IT systems to integrate its offices, it is also a business of communications and believes that clear and efficient information is vital in order to serve customers effectively.

The demand in data technology is increasingly fast for logistics. Youredi is providing data integration to cross-border commerce customers both inbound and outbound Asia. The two companies have worked together in a project roughly for a year now.

On Time Express was founded and headquartered in Hong Kong in 1995, as an international freight forwarding and logistics service provider. It has since been expanded to 16 countries with 54 offices and over 1,000 employees in Asia, The Netherlands and North America.

The Group's core businesses are air and ocean freight forwarding, complimented by general sales agency business and other services including warehousing, distribution, customs clearance, contract and ancillary logistics services.

The Group's board customer base across a diverse range of industries such as garments, footwear and electronics industries provides cross-selling opportunities facilitating growth of the Group.