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Yusen Logistics expands air freight forwarding operations in Mexico 13 July 2015

Mexico is a priority region in the Group’s mid-term business plan

Yusen Logistics has opened two offices inside and outside of Mexico City Airport. By establishing a base on the airport front lines to manage its own air transportation operations, the Company aims to realise competitive freight procurement and detailed transportation management of both imported and exported freight.

With the rapid growth of the automotive industry and increases in imported freight in Mexico, the need for detailed transportation management is rising. To respond to this demand, Yusen Logistics has opened a ‘Customs Office’ for air imports within the free trade zone of Mexico City Airport. Until now, the Company conducted these operations through an agency, but by managing these operations internally, it will realise smoother implementation of various kinds of transportation control, such as checking freight status within airport transit sheds, ensuring efficient customs clearance and supervising the loading of trucks.

In addition, a ‘cross dock office’ for air exports has been opened outside the airport. By taking over tasks previously handled by an agency, such as negotiating freight charges with airlines and issuing air waybills, Yusen Logistics will provide competitive freight charge procurement and a high quality transportation operation.

Looking ahead, the Company plans to further improve the quality and marketing power of its air transportation service for freight departing from and arriving in Mexico by arranging a similar structure at Guadaljara and Monterey airports.

Yusen Logistics (Mexico) was established in 2008 and employs around 100 people, providing logistics services through five bases, including the headquarters in Mexico City, branches in Monterey and Celaya, and the two aforementioned airport offices. Its cross-border trucking operation ships items around 15,000 times between the US and Mexico per year, while domestically it also improves its services such as by providing milk-run transportation for auto manufacturers.

Yusen Logistics has positioned Mexico as a priority region in the Group’s mid-term business plan and aims to further expand the network in future.