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Custom Research

Commercially Relevant Custom Research

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Custom Research at Analytiqa means working with a client on a project designed for specific business development purposes. Using Custom Research, a client can obtain specific and targeted market analysis. Based on your initial requirements, we will inform you of the feasibility of the project and its likely time-scale and budget. Then if you wish to proceed a formal proposal is delivered.


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If you would like help with research ideas, to obtain a quote on a specific project or to find out more about our research capabilities or methodologies, please contact us. Please telephone us on +44 (0) 1707 37 22 11 or click here to send an email with your questions. An Account Manager will be in contact with you shortly.

Analytiqa's approach to custom research

Analytiqa aims to work closely with its clients, building relationships based on trust and the delivery of high quality research that meets their exact requirements. Regular updates and communication are a key component of all consulting projects, keeping the client fully informed of all developments in the research process. Analytiqa's involvement does not end with the delivery of a project, or the presentation of our findings.

Once a project has been delivered, Analytiqa will keep in regular contact with the client to resolve any outstanding issues surrounding the research, to ensure that the client is making full use of the research and to fulfil any further requirements that developed as a result of the initial project.

By doing this, we aim to build long term strategic partnerships with each of our clients, making Analytiqa their first stop and preferred choice for business intelligence.

Custom Research from Analytiqa is a cost-effective, simple solution to acquiring the precise business intelligence your business demands. Our skills and expertise as providers of business intelligence enables us to tailor unique, flexible Custom Research solutions across a wide range of industry sectors. The benefits of such research are trusted by the largest multinational clients and also by small-scale suppliers.

Custom Research from Analytiqa is the preferred research solution in a number of different scenarios. We have listed some of those below, to provide an idea of the analysis that can be provided:

  • Competitor Tracking 
  • Industry Sector Analysis 
  • Client Acquisition / Development 
  • Merger and Acquisition Support 
  • Market Forecasting 
  • Competitor Tracking

Profiles of your competitors covering key financial data, clients, warehousing and fleet capacities (for logistics), production capabilities (for packaging), services provided, investments, sector specialities, geographic presence, personnel, news coverage, recent contract wins and other operational criteria. Analytiqa can provide both quantitative and qualitative competitor evaluations (including SWOT analysis).

Industry Sector Analysis

Analysis of the prospects of industry sectors in the UK, Europe or globally, covering leading companies in the sector, forecast growth, industry issues, products, legislation and other issues. Specific logistics industry analysis may include analysing logistics spend or rates of outsourcing.

Client Acquisition / Development

Understanding the requirements of directors/managers within your clients' industries is essential to achieve a realistic understanding of the sector. Surveying managers across your vertical markets can help tune your development strategy and your sales approach. We will work with you on preparing a set of questions and advise you on the best approach to take for maximum results. For logistics companies this may mean a survey of logistics managers at European Retailers, or Automotive Parts Manufacturers in your key client sectors, whilst for Supply Chain companies this may mean a survey of logistics providers on a national, pan-European or global basis.

Merger and Acquisition Support

Recent M&A activity across the logistics industry highlights the trends for industry sector expertise and / or wider geographic coverage, in order to service larger chunks of supply chains or to achieve scale economies in new markets. The choice of whether to follow an in-fill acquisition policy (focusing on sector specialities) or large-scale mergers/acquisitions (to achieve coverage) is a difficult decision. Both strategies have been followed with varying degrees of success. Knowing which companies complement your model, geographic footprint, service and sector lines is a tough task. A preliminary analysis of potential targets to define a short-list can save on corporate finance / consultancy engagement fees.

Market Forecasting

With extensive experience in carrying out research, Analytiqa can offer scenario-planning solutions across a number of industry sectors. Our Consultants work hand in hand with clients to deliver research to meet their tailored requirements. As skilled quantitative and qualitative researchers, Analytiqa Consultants are able to build forecasting models in industry sectors across the globe.

For more information, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us on +44 (0)1707 37 22 11 (UK) to discuss your bespoke information requirements.