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Poland Logistics and Supply Chain Confidence


October 2018

The most recent report by CBRE and Panattoni Europe ‘Poland Logistics and Supply Chain Confidence Index 2018/2019’ confirms a sustained positive outlook for the logistics market in Poland. The Logistics and Supply Chain Confidence Index in Poland stands at 57.4 pts. The research, undertaken by Analytiqa, shows that optimism is higher among logistics companies than among manufacturers and traders relying on logistics services. What is more, as many as eight out of 10 respondents expect to increase their revenues in the coming 12 months, and six out of 10 plan to increase headcount.

Despite the slight drop year-on-year, this score indicates a positive look ahead. Interestingly, compared to last year’s survey of attitudes in the logistics sector, the level of confidence in logistics companies has gone up, whereas among manufacturers and traders it has fallen. This reveals a growing disparity in the perception of the market by the two groups.

According to Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director Panattoni Europe, the difference may result from the change in cooperation models between the two sectors. “We are observing a trend among manufacturing and trading companies to outsource all processes related to planning, execution and control over the flow of raw materials or finished products. This is without a doubt the effect of shortages of qualified workers. Additionally, the growth in eCommerce in European markets means that the logistics sector can maintain a more optimistic view of the market and prospects of growing their business”. He then adds: “on the other hand, manufacturers and traders focus on expansion – conquering new markets, especially exports, and introducing new products to their portfolios to open up new market segments”.

The demand for labour is currently reaching historic highs in many sectors of the Polish economy, and it is no different in logistics. More than half of respondents (59.0%) reported they expected to increase the headcount in their businesses in the next 12 months. Only 7.0% predicted the number of employees to drop in the coming year. The results of the survey in this area are different for logistics companies compared to manufacturers and traders. Logistics businesses experience a higher demand for workers than the manufacturing and trade sector – respectively 78.0% and 38.0% of logistics businesses vs. manufacturing and trading businesses have plans to hire.

“Taking into account the record low unemployment rates visible across the country and practically in all business sectors, according to the data from the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Policy in September 2018 the unemployment rate reached 5.8%, the need to increase the number of employees is likely to pose a serious challenge. Organisations are experiencing shortages of skilled human resources and competing for new staff. The labour market is currently struggling with the problem of constantly growing expectations in terms of remuneration and working conditions which employers cannot ignore” added Beata Hryniewska, Head of Industrial and Logistic Department CBRE.

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CBRE Panattoni Poland Logistics and Supply Chain Confidence 2018