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Global Logistics Contracts Analysis 2015 September 2015

There are few more challenging industries than logistics, with manufacturers and retailers driving fiercely competitive rate negotiations for services from an often diverse and hugely fragmented selection of service providers.

> Independent & unbiased analysis of contract trends;

> Evaluate the dynamics of the 3PLcustomer relationship;

> Analyse changing contract attributes; Identify trends by 3PL, by service type or scope of contract

Why publish a ‘Logistics Contracts Analysis’ report?

As outsourced providers of services, third party logistics operators (3PLs) on average see over one-half of their new business derived from customers switching from their competitors.

This unique research takes commercial relationships over a 14-year period and analyses how their attributes have changed in the context of the wider macro-economic environment.

The results provide a unique benchmark for the sector as a whole, and similarly for all those companies that depend on the dynamics of the customer-service provider relationship for the success of their business.

Analytiqa’s Global Logistics Contract Analysis report allows users to:

> Benchmark, compare and contrast industry and company trends

> Identify how contract lengths vary by contract values

> Understand trends by geography and service sector

> Review top-level insight into the contract dynamics of major logistics companies

> Learn where and how trends are changing over time

Analytiqa’s Global Logistics Contracts Database, currently containing over 5,200 contracts (with the number growing each month), provides a unique data source with which to analyse and identify the key trends and behaviour patterns in commercial relationships between 3PLs and their customers.

The very broad and diverse nature of supply chains means that logistics markets perform with different dynamics, challenges and opportunities, dependent upon geography, service sector or industry.

A source of thousands of contracts provides a comprehensive data set and sample size to help supply chain professionals understand key metrics.

An understanding of contract attributes is vital as service providers that include 3PLs, property companies, software providers and vehicle manufacturers seek to better understand how changing dynamics in customer relationships impact their own commercial and operational strategies.

How can this report benefit your business?

This report provides the latest up to-date information, delivering an understanding of trends across the outsourced sector of the supply chain. Use this report to analyse:

> Contract lengths across a 14-year period

> Sourced from thousands of logistics contracts

> Attributes by activity

> Contract lengths by 3PL

> 19 industry sector trends

In a challenging and competitive market, this unique report will assist 3PLs, manufacturers, retailers, and industry service providers to make sense of the commercial dynamics between shippers and their logistics service providers, helping paint a picture of likely future developments.

As a supplier, service provider to the sector or a 3PL, this exclusive data set will enable you to:

> Improve performance by understanding the benchmarks and successes achieved by key industry operators

> Adjust commercial terms, backed by evidence from service, sector and geographic based analysis of thousands of contracts

> Focus tender processes with an improved understanding of industry benchmarks

> Achieve higher ROI on investments by prioritising and aligning strategies that are backed by 14 years of contract data

> Produce highly focused marketing campaigns, boosting customer retention and sales, by demonstrating understanding of market dynamics

To obtain this report

To receive access to this unique research, send an email to sales@analytiqa.com. You can also purchase online or alternatively contact Analytiqa by telephone.

This unique research will be delivered direct to your desktop via Analytiqa’s innovative delivery system Analytiqa Interactive, a web based service that provides efficient and effective management of your information.

Meeting the supply chain commercial insight requirements of: Contract Logistics providers, Freight Forwarders, Express Operators, Road Hauliers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Software providers, Vehicle manufacturers, Property developers, Property agents and Professional Services companies

Global Logistics Contracts Analysis 2015

£795.00 (Excl VAT)
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Pages: 75

Published: September 2015

Price: £795

Format: Interactive

Analysis of contract lengths across a 14-year period

Sourced from thousands of logistics contracts

Attributes by activity

Contract lengths by 3PL

Assess 19 industry sector trends

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Global Logistics Contracts Analysis 2015
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