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European Logistics & Supply Chain Sustainability Report 2022 July 2022

This primary research looks to assess Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies across the European Supply Chain, based on primary research interviews with senior executives across Retailers, Manufacturers & Supply Chain Providers providing a 360-degree view. The findings are segmented into four broad sections as follows:

Current dynamics

From a strategic perspective, across both operational and commercial outlooks, the aim is to identify and understand attitudes, challenges and future expectations for sustainability investments and activity.

Expectations for the future

Companies will face growing scrutiny regarding their efforts to deliver on their ‘net zero’ ambitions, or aspirations to be climate positive, or carbon negative. Establishing more sustainable supply chains will require integrated effort, linking solutions and initiatives of companies, consumers and governments.

Legal and contractual perspectives

A key objective for our research is to identify how ESG solutions, with a particular focus on sustainability, are impacting, or being impacted by, the commercial dynamics and relationships between 3PLs and their customers, the manufacturers and retailers.

Developments in warehousing and transport

It is fair to say that companies are now more focussed on ESG initiatives than ever before, but face cost and resource challenges. Two-thirds of 3PLs are troubled by the complexity of ESG solutions, significantly more so than manufacturers and retailers, while around one-quarter of all companies feel that they are unable to quantify their benefits.

European Logistics & Supply Chain Sustainability Report 2022

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Published: July 2022

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