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Logistics Digest: Fast Moving Consumer Goods 2016 October 2016

The Logistics Digest: FMCG Sector Intelligence 2016 report provides a comprehensive overview of the operational characteristics and supply chain trends affecting the retail sector within Europe.

Who will this report benefit?

Anybody needing to understand what the market requirement might be for a more efficient supply chain in 2017 and beyond. Contract logistics providers; Retailers; Manufacturers; Freight Forwarders; Express & Parcel operators; Road hauliers; Professional Service organisations. Vehicle manufacturers; Tyre manufacturers; Software & Technology providers.

The Digests provide supply chain operational detail by sector that to date has been unavailable, telling you what you ‘HAVE TO KNOW’, quickly, efficiently, succinctly.

Logistics Digest: FMCG Sector Intelligence 2016 includes:

>Key operational metrics
- Inventory order cycles
- Sourcing agreements
- Common distribution modes
- Warehousing profiles / facilities

>Logistics expenditure
- Expenditure trends
- Logistics budgetary costs
- Sector costing policy

>Outsourcing dynamics
- Logistics management drivers
- In-house vs outsourced trends
- Shared user / collaboration
- Outsourced contract lengths
- Consolidation strategies

>3PL Performance
- 3PL selection criteria
- 3PL performance indicators
- Analytiqa 3PL ranking score

>Logistics drivers
- In-house vs outsourced
- Reasons for in-house
- Reasons for outsourcing
- Outsourcing strategies

Following primary research, interviewing executives across each sector, Analytiqa has compiled unique, commercially and strategically critical information into one concise action orientated document.

These strategically designed digests are ideal for quickly gaining knowledge of, and benchmarking, the dynamics of each type of logistics activity (e.g. importing, warehousing, 3PL selection priorities) across different industry sectors, in order to facilitate more productive conversations with customers or service providers.

The quality, availability and operational importance of the information contained has proven to be challenging for companies operating in these sectors and hence this service has been produced and published whilst in close consultation with our customers in order to meet their specific requirements.


Logistics Digest: Fast Moving Consumer Goods 2016

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Pages: 24

Published: October 2016

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