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Building Long-Term Relationships

Analytiqa supports its clients with a wide range of service-based solutions, across published information, continuous advisory and bespoke services.


Continuous Advisory:

Keeping supply chain professionals informed and equipped to make profitable decisions...

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Analytiqa supports clients across geographical boundaries and service sectors...

Business Development:

Meeting a wide range of information requirements across markets, industries...

Tender Support:

Supporting shippers and 3PLs in the tender process, from start to finish.

Sector Analysis:

Understanding supply chain dynamics to enhance commercial, operational or corporate strategies...

Client Profiles:

Retaining and winning new business or evaluating service providers...

Search and Selection:

Across all levels of seniority, Analytiqa identifies and delivers the right person for your role...

Competitor Tracking:

As consolidation continues, logistics service providers need as many relevant tools...

AEO Accreditation:

Amidst Brexit concerns, AEO is increasingly considered a must-have capability, leaving any organisation who has not achieved...

Customer Satisfaction:

Measuring, understanding and analysing performance across markets, industries and services...