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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction projects carried out by Analytiqa successfully meet a wide range of information requirements across markets, industries and geographies to satisfy all budget levels.

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Measuring customer or service provider satisfaction

Service providers demonstrate their intent to invest in customer relationships by engaging with Analytiqa, both publicly and anonymously, to help them better understand the opinions of their customers.

Why is measuring satisfaction important?

With supply chain tender processes becoming increasingly complex and procurement driven, it is inevitably more cost effective to retain existing customers than acquire new ones.

Customer satisfaction is a leading indicator of loyalty and a customer’s intent to extend or renew their contract. For service providers in supply chain markets where performance is paramount, customer satisfaction is a key point of differentiation. High levels of satisfaction reduce customer attrition rates and increases customer lifetime values.

In an industry where personal relationships are vital, customer satisfaction reduces negative word of mouth.

Working with Analytiqa

Measuring customer satisfaction, and identifying the key action points that derive from such research, need not be costly and time-consuming.

Analytiqa works with 3PLs and their customers to fulfil both lengthy operationally led reviews and shorter ‘temperature check’ barometers of opinion - some delivered on a regular annual basis, whilst others are updated monthly or quarterly.

Each assignment is designed to fit the unique and specific requirements of each client.

Go to Market Support Services

On a regular basis Analytiqa produces reports or White Papers on behalf of, or in conjunction with clients. This is an excellent way for clients to enhance their brand image within their core audience. Other findings are produced solely for internal purposes, to inform management or key personnel of key indicators and developments.

When used externally, such marketing collateral can assist in demonstrating market or sector expertise, whilst providing valuable and unique insight on a business issue. This supports strategic market analysis and engages with all stakeholders, from shareholders to customers.

For further details outlining how Analytiqa's services can assist you with measuring your customer, or service provider satisfaction, please download a brochure, or call us on 44 (0)1707 37 22 11 to speak with an Account Manager.