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Continuous Advisory

Understanding that each customer is different...


The Analytiqa Premier Account


Understanding that your exact information needs change constantly, both in terms of requirement and frequency, the Analytiqa Premier Account provides you maximum flexibility and cost efficiency serving you continually 24/7.

The Premier Account has been designed specifically for customers requiring ongoing strategic market data, analysis and support on the logistics and broader, global supply chain industry.

Understanding that your exact information needs change constantly, both in terms of requirement and frequency, the Analytiqa Premier Account provides you maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.

Premier Account holders, among them the leading industry operators, enjoy the benefit of unlimited access to the services outlined below. For a cost effective annual fee Premier Account customers have efficient access to a range of products and services designed to meet each and every users supply chain information requirements, regardless of the nature, scope or frequency of their usage.

Analytiqa has now become the supplier of choice for many of the leading supply chain operators and service providers across the industry and the Premier Account has been a key factor in achieving this status.

Clients signing up to the Premier Account quickly realise a return on their investment. Not only is the breadth and depth of the information contained within the deliverables of critical importance in devising and executing a company strategy, but due to the highly cost effective licensing options, information becomes widely available throughout the organisation, from graduate trainees through to the most senior board executives.

This sharing of knowledge ensures staff at all levels are fully equipped, be it understanding competitor activity or market size and structure. Furthermore, due to Analytiqa's dominant focus on primary research, users are also assured of the highest quality and accuracy available when accessing any of Analytiqa's data or opinion based information.

At Analytiqa Interactive, at the click of a mouse, delivered straight to your desktop in multiple languages, Analytiqa’s Premier Account clients have access to:

  • Market Data: identify market sizes, growth threats and opportunities, industry sector trends and key 3PL service providers across 50 countries

  • Contracts Database: search renewal dates and key contacts in over 5,000 logistics contracts, with 50 more added every month

  • Resources and Capabilities: profiles of leading 3PLs, their structure, key personnel, resources, customers and service expertise

  • Logistics Digests: understand key supply chain operating metrics by industry sector

  • Trends and Dynamics: a concise monthly 3PL tracking report

  • Supply Chain Drivers: Identify vertical sector trends and the corporate strategies of leading customers

  • Market Monitors: at the click of a mouse access the latest M&A activity, financial news, DC initiatives, software trends, news service launches and industry sector developments

  • Look into the future with comprehensive market forecasts and forward looking Strategic Reports, such as the Predictive Analytics series, or benchmark your own 3PL performance and profitability against competitors;

  • Bulletin Archives: search thousands of news articles for relevant customer, market and industry developments;

To see how Analytiqa can support your future growth objectives on a continuous advisory basis, contact us for a confidential discussion. For more information send an email or call us on 44 (0)1707 37 22 11 to speak with an Account Manager.