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Mergers and Acquisitions

As a leading provider of commercially relevant business intelligence across the global supply chain sector, Analytiqa supports clients across geographical boundaries and service sectors in their quest to grow their businesses by merger, alliance or acquisition (M&A).

From the production of initial target lists, through to commercial due diligence, Analytiqa can assist in fulfilling your M&A objectives.


Experts in Your Market

Analytiqa is ideally placed to assist in such projects, having established a highly regarded team of experts in the M&A process, particularly within the wider supply chain sector. This enables us to provide support for your M&A strategies from start to finish.

Supply chain service provider markets are fragmented. Recent M&A activity across the supply chain highlights the trend for wider geographic or service coverage, to achieve scale economies, and the acquisition of specialists and niche players, as growth in more traditional, and mature, markets slows. The choice of whether to follow an in-fill acquisition policy (focusing on sector specialities) or large-scale mergers/acquisitions (to achieve coverage) can be a difficult decision.

Both strategies have been followed with varying degrees of success. Knowing which companies complement your model, geographic footprint, service and sector lines is a tough task and engaging Analytiqa, in the first instance, to analyse potential targets and define short-lists can save on corporate finance engagement fees.

This detailed knowledge of market participants and the key individuals across the sector, supplements Analytiqa's market leading business intelligence and bespoke consulting resources.

To have a confidential discussion with a member of the Analytiqa team, or for more information on Analytiqa's end-to-end capabilities, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us on 44 (0)1707 37 22 11 to speak with an Account Manager.