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Search and Selection

The most challenging of all recruitment objectives is identifying and attracting those individuals who are at the top of their game. The key senior personnel that your business requires to not only fulfil but succeed in delivering your strategic objectives and profit targets. These are the people that your competitors value and invest in, people you would like on your team, those that cannot be reached by simply advertising your requirement.

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A Unique, Bespoke Approach

Analytiqa can assist you to identify key individuals and attract them to your organisation in a manner that is high in integrity, professional in its conduct and completely confidential.

Analytiqa has affiliations at the highest levels of the industry that provides the unique privilege of having a clear insight into who the achievers in the supply chain industry are, what their capabilities and strengths are, where they are and how they might be approached.

This results in Analytiqa being able to intelligently and effectively contact a greater selection of potential candidates with an increased level of success. The following outline provides a brief introduction into how Analytiqa approaches a typical search & selection assignment.

Step 1 – Receive brief from the client and execute a briefing meeting to ensure full understanding of client’s objectives and requirements.

Step 2 – Analytiqa identifies a list of possible candidates / companies to target based on primary and secondary research as well as internal expertise.

Step 3 – Analytiqa will approach candidates confidentially without revealing the clients name and if appropriate invite them to a mutual evaluation meeting, this can be one or several meetings dependant on the brief and the client. This process is naturally a sensitive one and needs to be conducted accordingly. By engaging Analytiqa, clients are assured that they will be represented with integrity and professionally, Analytiqa has an interest in maintaining relationships with prospects and hence neither of these aspects of the process are open to compromise, regardless of the circumstance.

Step 4 - Evaluation meeting with client to discuss potential prospects and create a shortlist for final stage negotiations. Analytiqa ensures that the client is fully briefed and informed throughout the process so that the final stage of the process can happen in an efficient and timely manner. With access to primary market intelligence, Analytiqa can also ensure that both clients and prospects have access to business information that may assist with negotiations.