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Tender Support

For manufacturers and retailers, Analytiqa manages part or all of RFI and RFQ activity, together with contract negotiations with logistics service providers, providing an authoritative, independent resource with which to enhance the outsourcing process.

For 3PLs, this means better understanding the prospect's existing relationship with their supplier and actual intentions and secondly by having the facility to fully understand the prospects decision making criteria, service expectations, cost priorities and growth projections. 

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Finding the right partner

Analytiqa’s access to thousands of logistics service providers, backed by its large portfolio of reports and data (including a contracts database with over 5,000 entries) provides it with a powerful and comprehensive understanding of the outsourced logistics market.

This, combined with our experience in supporting tender processes for global manufacturers and retailers, enables Analytiqa to obtain an increased level of clarity on the required market resources and service capabilities of 3PLs.

Working across industry sectors on a global basis, Analytiqa’s support assists clients to make more informed decisions, enhancing the strategic, operational and commercial value of their supply chains.

Utilising Analytiqa as an independent partner also ensures that any project remains completely confidential for as long as required,

For more insight into how Analytiqa supports RFI, RFQ and logistics contract negotiations, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us on 44 (0)1707 37 22 11 to speak with an Account Manager.

Winning new business

Primarily, though not exclusively, a service for 3PLs, Tender Support Profiles consist of a very short and concise background description of the target company, be they shippers (manufacturers and / or retailers) or logistics service providers. This delivers a top level overview of the performance, strategies and structure of the company.

The main section of the Tender Support Profile is made up of interviews conducted with key personnel at the selected target company / companies. This may comprise of a single interview on a national basis, or several interviews with different personnel (either in the same country or scattered across countries or regions).

The research is extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet your exact information requirements. These are confirmed on a project by project basis.

The research provides you with a detailed understanding of the key issues, strategies and operational requirements of potential clients, service providers and customers across a specific market sector.

For more information, product examples and deliverables, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us on 44 (0)1707 37 22 11 to speak with an Account Manager.