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Bespoke Consulting is an efficient and effective way of acquiring the precise business intelligence your business needs to achieve growth, investment or to secure market positioning and future success. 

Our skills and expertise as providers of business intelligence enables us to tailor unique, flexible, custom solutions across a wide range of clients, industry sectors and geographies. The benefits of such research is trusted by the largest multinational clients through to first round funding start-ups.

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Bespoke Consulting


Analytiqa aims to work closely with its clients, building relationships based on trust and the delivery of high quality research and analysis that meets their exact requirements. Regular updates and communication are a key component of all bespoke consulting projects, keeping the client fully informed of all developments at every stage of the project.

Analytiqa's involvement does not end with the delivery of a project, or the presentation of our findings.

Once a project has been delivered, Analytiqa will keep in regular contact with the client to discuss any developments as a result of the research and to ensure that full use is being made of the findings.



Through our approach we aim to build long term strategic partnerships with each of our clients, making Analytiqa their first stop and preferred choice for their research, analysis or commercial requirements.

Analytiqa does not charge for initial consultations, scoping calls or proposals. Based on your initial requirements, we will inform you of the feasibility of your project and its likely time-scale and budget. Then if you wish to proceed a formal proposal is provided and naturally working under the terms of non-disclosure agreements is common practice due to the commercially sensitive nature of many of the projects we get involved in.

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