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The only constant in business is change.

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Primary Research

The only constant in business is change, just one reason why in the current business climate it is more important than ever to robustly understand and navigate your customers, your competitors and the geographic landscape within which your organisation competes. Analytiqa’s primary and secondary research capabilities will provide you independent and unbiased strategic insight based on the opinions of senior executives who are leaders within their sectors. 

Our processes, that respect confidentiality of our network of respondents and clients alike, ensures you get access to verified opinion that will prove invaluable in assisting you stay abreast of latest industry trends and able to strategically respond to the latest market developments.

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Primary Research


Definition: Research undertaken by interviewing expert contacts that meet contact profiling criteria.

Analytiqa invests heavily in Primary Research methodologies. This type of research is insight that is solicited directly from senior executives within their respective markets, via one-to-one interviews. This contrasts with Secondary Research which is using publicly available sources such as company financials, that are usually already nearly two years old when they are released.

Analytiqa has established an extensive network of executives and trusted contacts who are willing to engage with Analytiqa due to our confidentiality and data security practices. The individual responses and insight gained from respondents is never disclosed to the market or even customers contracting the research, only the amalgamated analysis is made available to customers and industry stakeholders. In this way Analytiqa has built a trusted reputation across many sectors and geographies enabling us to add significant value back to stakeholders due to the investment respondents are willing to make, knowing that they will usually gain as much benefit as they provide. Research from Analytiqa therefore becomes a cost-effective, simple solution to acquiring the precise business intelligence your business demands. Our skills and expertise as providers of primary insight and business intelligence enables us to tailor unique, flexible research solutions across a wide range of industry sectors. The benefits of such research are trusted by the largest multinational clients through to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and first round funded start-ups. 

Custom Primary Research is Analytiqa’s preferred solution in several different scenarios, including in producing our thought-leadership based projects.


The following are some examples of objectives where a Primary Research approach can prove invaluable:


  • Competitor Offerings and Service Analysis
  • Industry Sector Trends and Dynamics Analysis 
  • Client Acquisition, Merger or Development Projects
  • Market Opportunity, Investment or Trends Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction, Needs Analysis & Segmentation
  • Product Proposition & Pricing Analysis
  • Business Restructuring & Operational Analysis
  • Brand Value/Advertising Penetration and Awareness
  • Geographic or Sector Growth, Performance and Forecasting


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