Secondary Research - quantitative analysis to measure the size of the prize

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Secondary Research

With proprietary data sets we leverage our research analysts and external industry thought leaders to derive meaningful and actionable conclusions from the data we collect. Data in itself is of little use unless it can be interpreted and analysed in context.

We constantly track and remain ahead of the latest developments in the global markets, whilst also developing a granular understanding of our client’s operations by working closely with them on projects that are core to their strategic objectives. 

This places Analytiqa in a unique position, ensuring that only relevant and appropriate data or research is obtained enabling us to analyse and interpret the findings within the context of your operational environment and the key developments within your market.

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Secondary Research

Definition: Research that is undertaken using publicly available sources such as company financials

Whilst Primary Research is very effective, it is by its very nature more expensive and time consuming than Secondary Research. This type of research therefore still has it’s place and depending on the nature of the project can prove just as valuable. A good example of when a Secondary Research approach is preferred is when initially evaluating the attractiveness of a particular sector and geography for business development purposes. In this instance analysing the value, growth, size and other relevant trends is a great place to start and the conclusions from this research will verify or challenge initial beliefs about the target sector and act as a reliable steer before investing in and devising a more detailed and advanced primary research undertaking.


Analytiqa has extensive secondary data in-house, tracking market developments daily. A good example of this is the research we undertake to produce the weekly Logistics Bulletin, a complimentary newsletter that we distribute on a weekly basis keeping thousands of executives across the global supply chain up to date on the latest developments in the markets across all sectors and geographies.  In undertaking Secondary Research based projects however we will also often utilise other affiliated providers with extensive databases, as well as public relations, news and affiliated data agencies.

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