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AEO Accreditation

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is increasingly considered a must-have capability, leaving any organisation who has not achieved accreditation in danger of being omitted from future tender lists (as logistics service providers) or facing the prospect of delays in their supply chain (as manufacturers and retailers).

To deliver a successful and well managed application for AEO Accreditation in a timely and cost effective manner, Analytiqa can assist as a qualified and independent advisor with core expertise and market insight across the global supply chain, providing you with complete support for your AEO Accreditation application, end to end. Our flexible approach is tailored to suit customers of all sizes, with budgets and resources designed to meet your very specific requirements. Analytiqa has advised multinational, blue chip organisations and also smaller companies, with just a handful of employees.

Analytiqa has, for many years now, supported customers across the supply chain with their AEO applications. Alongside a sense of urgency, especially in the UK and Ireland, driven by Brexit, the introduction, on 1 May 2016 of the European-wide Union Customs Code impacts all businesses involved in the international trade of goods. These changes are being phased in until 31 December 2020.

AEO standards are linked throughout the Union Customs Code. Companies accredited with AEO demonstrate:

> Appropriate records of compliance

> Systems of managing records, which facilitates customs controls

> Financial solvency

> Appropriate security and safety measures

Brexit is certainly raising awareness of AEO and leading industry professionals are advocating AEO status. If your organisation is seriously considering AEO accreditation to provide you with competitive advantage, be aware that the process can take considerable resource, and time, to achieve. Fortunately we can assist...

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How Analytiqa can assist...

Analytiqa can assist as a qualified and independent advisor with core expertise and market insight across the global supply chain providing complete support for your AEO accreditation application, end to end.

For further details outlining how Analytiqa's supply chain consulting services can assist you with AEO accreditation please download a brochure

AEO Accreditation should not be under-estimated. It may take considerable time to progress an application depending on the complexity of your organisation. However it is growing in importance as both the Modernised Customs Code proceeds towards completion and adoption across the EU, and supply chain professionals look to minimise the risks of supply chain disruption posed by Brexit. Also there is a growing importance that clients place on using AEO qualified logistics service providers.

Demonstrating its long-standing expertise, and understanding of best practice when it comes to supporting AEO projects, Analytiqa was asked by Cargo Security International to contribute an article on the AEO subject, which was first published as long ago as the June / July 2011 edition of the magazine.

A few benefits of AEO accreditation:


  • Provides an operator the ability to answer tenders from International companies with an AEO specification
  • Facilitates local operations and improves lead times
  • Subject to less physical inspection and document checks by customs and gain priority status in times of heightened security or in case of strike or any other disturbance
  • Effective management of and reduction in the risk of theft, counterfeiting, contamination or grey market shipments
  • Improved delivery times, customer satisfaction and client retention

AEO status now brings additional benefits as arrangements such for operators of ‘Enhanced Remote Transit Sheds’ or ERTS have changed.

A company operating a duty relief or suspension regime (such as customs warehousing or inward processing) needs to provide a financial guarantee to cover the annual amount of potential duty that could be due. Guarantee waivers are in place, but only for businesses that are recognised as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

Contact Analytiqa today to arrange a no fee, no obligation consultation and better understand how Analytiqa can assist your organisation to prepare and submit an AEO application.

For more information, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us on +44 (0)1707 37 22 11 (UK) or +353 (0) 1 640 18 18 (Ireland) to discuss your AEO accreditation requirements.