WHITE PAPER: Logistics 5.0 - Strategy Beyond Data

OCTOBER 2023 - Turning uncertainty into opportunity - digital transformation in the logistics industry

Carousel WP - Logistics 5.0: Strategy Beyond Data

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Table of contents


  1. Overview
  2. Review, rethink and reboot
  3. Are short term objectives jeopardising long term success?
  4. Disruption and disorder - the catalyst for change?
  5. Big Tech offers big returns to those who act now
  6. Navigating challenges beyond the technology
  7. The next phase
  8. About DANX Carousel

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This latest White Paper based on primary research undertaken by Analytiqa and partnered by DANX Carousel, reflects on the extent years of uncertainty has brought to the supply chain industry and the current challenges impacting organisations’ attempts to adapt.

The research sets to shine a light on the impact recent events have had on the supply chain and how these experiences are defining the future of supply chain transformation. With comprehensive insight, best practice, and expert comments this paper aims to support all those on a transformational journey and who aspire to be a leader within their market.


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The DANX Carousel White Paper series


This white paper is a continuation of the Carousel white paper series, which has run since 2016.

The last paper, Big Data for the Big Picture  examined how rising customer demand was driving a significant change in the supply chain.

Other papers featured in the series are: Brexit & logistics: a catalyst for change and innovation / Is technology driving the future of your logistics / Aftermarket not afterthought

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Extract from the report

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About DANX Carousel


DANX Carousel Group is a leading logistics specialist focused on time-critical solutions that aim to redefine industry standards. With our commitment to ownership, learning, and care, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner to more than 500 active customers, from a range of industries, right across mainland and Northern Europe. Our dedicated team of 850 professionals operate in 35 countries, delivering a range of comprehensive logistics solutions to ensure our clients receive exceptional service, as standard.


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