Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Accreditation

Accreditation provides businesses with a status subject to regular audits, which demonstrates the integrity of their security measures, procedures and staff training, enabling more effective, efficient and legally compliant customs clearances.

Bespoke Consulting

Analytiqa can assist you to successfully achieve Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Accreditation in a timely and cost effective manner. Analytiqa assists as a qualified and independent advisor with core expertise and market insight across the global supply chain providing complete support for your AEO accreditation application, end to end.

AEO Accreditation should not be under-estimated. It may take considerable time to progress an application depending on the complexity of your organisation.

There are significant responsibilities that come with AEO accreditation and you should ensure that you understand these responsibilities as a part of the training and accreditation process.


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AEO Accreditation Support


Analytiqa has supported many clients through the AEO Accreditation process and we have developed a comprehensive process, based upon continuous improvement and best practice.

This ensures that your business can qualify for AEO accreditation in a cost-efficient and timely manner, avoiding the pitfalls and challenges that can occur throughout the process. 

All projects are bound by Non-Disclosure-Agreements to protect the commercially sensitive nature of any information that is shared during the AEO accreditation process.

Please note that further to the time it will take to prepare your submission, following a formal application for AEO certification, Customs authorities have a timeline of 120 days to review and inspect your processes and systems before they issue acceptance of the application.

After engaging Analytiqa to support your AEO application, we will create a full project plan outlining all deliverables and the expected timelines required to undertake and complete the operational changes that may be required.




As a broad overview however, the process generally aligns to execution of the following five stages:

  • Gap analysis of existing processes and operations versus AEO requirements
  • Formal risk and threat assessment
  • Review of AEO related processes and support in addressing and closing any gaps
  • Support in completion of customs evaluation documents
  • Support in completing formal AEO customs application and submission

To understand how we help you achieve AEO status in more detail please contact us by completing the form below, we do not charge for scoping calls or proposals.

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