Our methodologies rely on continuous relationships...

...built on high levels of trust and service to deliver strategic support and more informed, profitable decision making

Our methodologies

Primary Research


Definition: Research undertaken by interviewing expert contacts that meet contact profiling criteria.

Analytiqa invests heavily in Primary Research methodologies. This type of research is insight that is solicited directly from senior executives within their respective markets, via one-to-one interviews.

For more detail see: Primary Research


Secondary Research


Definition: Research that is undertaken using publicly available sources such as company financials

Analytiqa has extensive secondary data in-house, tracking market developments daily. A good example of this is the research we undertake to produce the weekly Logistics Bulletin, a complimentary newsletter that we distribute to thousands of professionals globally on a weekly basis

For more detail see: Secondary Research

Data Analysis


Definition: Data interpreted and analysed in context of industry trends, developments and forecasts 

The analysis of the research is what provides a detailed understanding of the key issues, strategies and operational requirements of potential clients, customers and overall market across a specific sector or geography.

For more detail see: Data & Analysis


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A Collaborative Approach


Analytiqa delivers high quality, primary and secondary research and analysis services to provide  commercially relevant business intelligence to a wide range of companies globally.

Organisations that require reliable, independent and unbiased market analysis to support their growth objectives and strategic decision making. Our client base spans from major global logistics providers to manufacturers, retailers, technology specialists, property agents, developers, financial service providers, professional service practitioners and other service sector organisations.

Analytiqa aims to build close relationships with our clients, from blue-chip brands through to first round funded start-ups.




These relationships are based on high levels of trust and service that results in strategic, continuous relationships enabling clients to make more informed, profitable business decisions in order to recognise continued growth and success.

Clients are involved in the research process from the very outset and are constantly consulted throughout the project to ensure that their objectives and intentions are being successfully achieved.

This collaborative approach often leads to us going above and beyond on projects to not just meet but exceed customer expectations, just one of the reasons clients return to use our services year after year.

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