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Over the course of more than twenty years, Analytiqa has developed from its origination as purely a supply chain data and research provider to a multi sector, multi geographic, trusted primary and secondary research and analysis provider to senior executives across large blue-chip organisations through to medium sized enterprises and start-ups.

The supply chain industry is often referred to as the ‘beating heart of commerce’ underpinning the success and welfare of most companies and the overall economy, even those within the services sector.

Hence the supply chain still sits at the heart of many of our engagements, but over the years we have grown and now have established relationships and an ongoing dialogue with senior professionals across many sectors, within and outside of the supply chain sector. 


This activity across virtually all industry sectors has resulted in an expanded knowledge of industry as whole, exposing us to the mechanics of many vertical industry sectors and their respective stakeholders, providing insight, visibility and expertise across a wide range of issues, markets and geographies.

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Analytiqa is committed to providing its clients with accurate, timely data that enables them to make more informed business decisions, be this through our range of primary or secondary research and analysis services, our databases, or through our bespoke research projects where we are able to meet clients’ specific information requirements.

The success of Analytiqa as a business information partner is entirely due to the experience and expertise of our staff. Our clients benefit from their breadth of industry experience and their integrity and attention to detail.

Analytiqa very rarely relies on secondary sources alone to convey market trends or to justify recent industry developments. Primary information gathering is a key component of our research methodology, providing value-added input into our clients increasingly sophisticated requirements.

To meet these requirements, Analytiqa's research processes have developed to maximise the expertise, research skills and knowledge of our Consultants. There are two main aspects to the research conducted by Analytiqa as follows: 


Qualitative interviews

Panel interviews and opinion-based surveys are used to enhance our knowledge of key market issues, trends, developments, forecasts and company strategies


Quantitative interviews

Data-driven, fact-based information gathering is used to value markets and industries, the market shares of leading companies and production volumes




At each stage of our research, accuracy is ensured through quality control processes, data verification and tracking. Independence and the ability to provide an unbiased view of whatever aspect of industry is being researched underpins our entire approach.

To this end we retain a strict confidentiality policy for all our respondents. No results from ANY individual research response or interview is ever published or shared outside of Analytiqa, even with customers who may have contracted a particular piece of research. Only the analysed and amalgamated results of any primary research initiative are shared with clients, their stakeholders or the wider market.

In this way Analytiqa has built a network of senior level contacts across sectors and geographies who trust in our integrity and professionalism enabling us to provide the highest level of strategic insight and added value to any project we undertake.

The successful completion of any project Analytiqa undertakes therefore relies on our following three pillars of operational excellence:

  • Strategic analysis & interpretation
  • Integrity and attention to detail
  • Accountability & accuracy
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