Marketing & Business Development support

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Marketing & Business Development Support

The close working relationship we develop with clients on partnered projects results in the best possible deliverable, achieved from the mutual contributions of your organisation and ours, working toward a common goal.

This goal seeks to benefit your internal strategic planning as well that of your entire audience, providing unique, relevant and valuable content that you can distribute via your social and marketing channels further enhancing your brand image and developing an increased presence within your market and sector. 

Due to the exclusive nature of the primary research and analysis these projects contain, there is no more effective way of getting your brand onto boardroom tables and in front of senior executives, demonstrating the knowledge capability inherent within your organisation.

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Marketing & Business Development Support


Business Development projects carried out by Analytiqa successfully meet a wide range of information requirements across markets, industries and geographies to satisfy all budget levels.

Leading service providers, manufacturers and retailers rely upon Analytiqa as a reliable and proven information provider they can trust to meet their exact requirements across a variety of bespoke projects. Analytiqa will work closely with you to ensure your project is a success.

The research provides you with a detailed understanding of the key issues, strategies and changing requirements of competitors, potential clients and customers across your target market sectors, industries and geographies. We can also assist you to build ideal customer profiles, build sales and marketing campaigns to achieve commercial growth objectives or independently solicit customers honest and unbiased opinions on your existing proposition, competitor positioning and service levels.

To confidentially discuss your requirements, on a no obligation basis, please send an email or call us to speak with a Consultant.

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