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Present day commercial relationships are about far more than just providing a deliverable, a service or a solution. In crowded and competitive markets, the differentiator that customers often look for is the ability for your organisation to be a thought leader within the market in which it operates. 

Delivering added value to your partners, be that through specific strategic intelligence undertaken for a single major account, or broader insight that you are looking to provide across your existing customer base, Analytiqa has a solution to assist you.

Analytiqa is able to deliver this tailored, commercially beneficial insight, effectively, efficiently and to budget. Demonstrate to your customers that you not only understand their business but can offer unique, robust strategic insight. 

A very beneficial way of ensuring continued success for your stakeholder's businesses and yours.


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Thought Leadership


Analytiqa undertakes many projects that facilitate partnering with clients to facilitate a return that outweighs the initial research investment. These highly collaborative projects, based predominantly on proprietary primary research, enable clients to not just better understand their markets but share the finding with their stakeholders for benefit of all.

Distributing this research under your own brand is an extremely powerful form of marketing that not only demonstrates to prospective customers the extent of your expertise within a particular sector but also your investment in the success and wellbeing of the industry and its respective stakeholders. Furthermore, as the content of these projects generally contains data and analysis utilised at senior management levels, it is almost a guaranteed way of getting your brand in front of key decision makers and onto boardroom tables, generating significant brand equity in the process.

Analytiqa, as an independent and unbiased organisation within the sector in which you operate, are able to add a layer of objectivity that is impossible to match in-house. Through Analytiqa’s approach we are able to retain complete confidentiality for our survey respondents meaning that the amalgamated analysis is a far more realistic, accurate and honest evaluation of your market, customers or competitors.



An additional benefit of these thought leadership focused projects is that as a partner, you have full access and rights to the amalgamated analysis and the final collateral output. This means it can also fully support your marketing channels. The content you have access to as a result. enables you to post timely, relevant and actionable content, cutting through all the noise. Over 95% of partners who have engaged in one of these projects have gone on to retain their association with their respective projects in subsequent years due to the return on investment they are able to recognise, some brands have partnered for over thirteen years now.

To confidentially discuss your requirements, on a no obligation basis, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us to speak with a Consultant.

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